Sep 22, 2011

How to Convey Confidence Around Women

So you've just met a hot girl and want to make a good impression, but aren't sure how.  With all of the pressure to put your best foot forward and stand out among a sea of guys, is it any wonder a guy can easily clam up when meeting a new woman? 

Below are some quick and easy ways to convey confidence around a new woman (or any woman!) and get her attention quickly to stand out from the crowd!

1) Smile and be friendly.  Nobody likes a sourpuss, and that includes females. Smile and be friendly - chances are, you'll receive the same in return. Smiling shows confidence and that you're approachable, and everyone likes that, male or female.  Show that you're open and approachable by flashing those pearly whites, and you'll create a good impression without even saying a word!

2) Give her a backhanded compliment.  You may have heard of this before, but done the right way, a backhanded compliment can catch a woman's attention and hold it for awhile. Backhanded compliments work to make a man more attractive to a woman because of the asshole theory (that all women are attracted to assholes!); however, it has to be done in a funny way that isn't meanspirited, and you should not diss a woman on something she can't change.

For instance, giving her a backhanded compliment on her unusual fashion sense is okay ("Nice hat - my grandmother has the same one!"); making fun of her big nose is notTelling her she waddles like a duck in her 6 inch heels is okay; saying she looks bowlegged is not.

3) Have good posture. This is one of the easiest ways to quickly convey confidence in a crowd, and that is to stand up straight and have good posture.  Slouching does not look sexy on anyone, and standing tall and proud shows you're confident and feel good about yourself.  You could be well-dressed and pull up in the nicest ride, but if you don't appear confident, none of that matters.  Present yourself confidently and stand tall, and you'll better stand out in a crowd.

4) Don't act threatened by other men.  In fact, don't be afraid to socialize with them. You don't need to be overly chummy, but if you see another guy "moving in" on the girl you have your eye on, instead of giving him the cold shoulder and getting all Jersey Shore on him, introduce yourself, be sociable, and then, turn the conversation back to her.  Acknowledging and socializing with another guy who may be competition shows you aren't threatened by him and are sociable and confident enough to acknowledge him, without being fake and overly friendly.

5) Ask for her number.  With all of the things you can do to leave a good, lasting impression, none of it will matter if you don't close the interaction by asking for her number. What's the point of working your magic on a girl if you don't seal the deal at the end?  Ask for her number, say you'll call her, and then do it.

For more tips on how to easily convey confidence and grab a woman's attention, contact me for a one-on-one consultation for tips tailored to your specific personality!


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