Sep 9, 2011

Double Dates Can Improve Your Relationship

Although one-on-one downtime with your sweetie is a must to maintaining a strong relationship, did you know that double dates with other couples can also help strengthen your bond?  Researchers at Wayne State University recently found that going on double-dates with other couples can help you feel more happy and satisfied with your own relationship. 

To maximize this quality time with coupled-up pals and truly reap the benefits of double-dating, however, forego the traditional movie date route and go for an activity that allows for deep conversation, such as dinner and drinks at your favorite restaurant, or even an active activity that has downtime built in, such as bowling or miniature golf.  In the study, couples who answered "high-disclosure" questions in front of the other couple were more likely to feel like the interaction strengthened their bond, whereas couples who just engaged in small talk with another couple didn't report feeling any closer.

Have you double-dated lately?  Did you notice feeling closer to your man or woman after a night out with pals?


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