Jun 11, 2011

Best Ways to Meet Men In the Summer

Summertime is finally here, and what better way to jumpstart your summer than with a hot new romance?  If you're unsure where to meet some fresh faces this summer, never fear...follow the tips below to meet your man and prepare for some summer lovin'!

1) Take up a sport. What better way to meet hot, shirtless guys in the middle of summer than hitting the sand volleyball or tennis courts for some fun and fitness?  Kill two birds with one stone by getting in a good workout session as you scope out the hot guys who've come to play...the only things you'll be needing: a cute outfit and a good attitude!

2) Expand your circle.  So you've met all of your girlfriends' single guy friends, and their cousins, and any decent male who they think might be remotely dateable, and it seems like the well is running dry...what's a girl to do?  If you've exhausted the friend front when it comes to your search for potential new hotties, don't be afraid to expand your circle.  Sometimes, when meeting new guys through friends, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut and forget that the best way to expand your "network" is by simply making some new contacts.  So get out there and meet some new faces, and don't be afraid to expand your horizons...that slightly eccentric guitarist at the coffee shop just might have a hot friend or two who you might hit it off with!

3) Show some skin.  Ask any guy what he loves about summer and one of the top things will most likely be the amount of skin that's showing during this season.  I'm not saying go all-out skanky or forego clothing altogether, but showing some extra skin (in moderation) will have his temperature rising and attract extra attention with little effort on your part.  Go for shorter hemlines; sleeveless, tube, and racerback style tops; or lower necklines.  Balance the skin-baring by forgoing cleavage-y tops if you're wearing a shorter hemline, and vice-versa.

4) Join a new club/organization. For people who are no longer in high school or college, meeting new people is often not as easy because the group environment you enjoyed during that period is suddenly gone.  Joining a club or organization, though, solves this problem; by joining one, you can easily meet like-minded people who you can hit it off with, and/or who can introduce you to others who you will hit it off with.  Choose a hobby you love or cause you believe in, and look for groups in your area centered on one of these to join.  Check out Meetup.com to search for groups in your area.

5) Take Brownie for a walk.  There are two guaranteed icebreakers in life, and they are dogs and babies.  Since bringing a baby out with you to scope guys wouldn't exactly be practical, take your furry friend out for a walk in the dog park - it's an easy and guaranteed way to meet other dog lovers, as well as give your furry sidekick some exercise.  Dogs give a guy who's noticed you an easy way to approach, and you'll have something to talk about right off the bat.  Bring along some dog treats and toys and enjoy a sunny day of guy-scoping in the park with your four-legged friend.

6) Hit up a new place with your girlfriends each week.  Stuck in the same old rut?  Feel like you're seeing the same faces everywhere you go?  Well, if you're hitting all the same places week in and week out, how can you meet new faces?  Change it up a bit by hitting a new spot each week with girlfriends and you'll be sure to meet at least a few new faces along the way.


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