Jun 29, 2011

Q & A - A Blast From the Past

Q. Dear Alannah,

First let me say that I really enjoy your column here.  Your advice is sage, and thus, I am hoping you could advise me on a particularly difficult issue.

I’ve recently reunited with a woman who was very significant in my past.  We became close well over a decade ago when we were but 17, but time and fate brought us our own separate ways until now.  I ran into her profile by chance on an online dating site, and, stunned as by lightning, contacted her.  It took us a lot of time to meet, but we finally did last week, just for a light conversation over coffee and a short walk on a beautiful day.  We really hit it off, laughing and jesting as through that long span of absence had never taken place.

A few days later, I called her, just to thank her for the pleasure of her company and to chat a little about a public event which we both planned to attend.  Well, we wound up getting a few drinks that night.  The jests and the laughter continued; eye contact was intense; hands just seemed to find one another across the table; embraces were warm and lengthy; her smile was radiant, and no doubt there was quite a twinkle in my eye.  The only thing that didn’t quite go my way was that when I went in for the kiss upon parting, she presented her cheek. But I held her for a while after that, and when we finally parted, I felt like a king.

The day of the public event arrived, one put on by a friend of mine, who, I should add, is a man of 75.  I had volunteered to assist him if needs be.  I called my woman friend earlier in the day, just to inquire if she wanted to carpool, but she replied that she had double-booked with another friend of hers (another woman), but that she would prevail upon her to go to this event.  And so they both did.  I should note that her friend had just return from a long journey, and thus appeared quite exhausted over the course of the night.  We were rather focused on the event, and thus did not talk as much as we had. Some of my friend’s preoccupation rubbed off on me as well, I think, and I wasn’t quite my usual charming self—my wit was less quick, there was less mischief in my eyes, my compliments were more muted, and so forth.  But the event ended, and they invited me over to another tavern for a couple of drinks.  I went along, (my desire to talk to her more perhaps foolishly outweighing my better judgment to remain somewhat aloof) and much the same thing transpired there: more conversation, with both her and her friend, but just less enchantment.  When we departed, I asked her if she wanted to get together on my coming day off, and she replied that she wasn’t sure of her schedule.  All in all, it was a friendly time, but not so charming a time as our past meetings.


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Jun 11, 2011

Best Ways to Meet Men In the Summer

Summertime is finally here, and what better way to jumpstart your summer than with a hot new romance?  If you're unsure where to meet some fresh faces this summer, never fear...follow the tips below to meet your man and prepare for some summer lovin'!

1) Take up a sport. What better way to meet hot, shirtless guys in the middle of summer than hitting the sand volleyball or tennis courts for some fun and fitness?  Kill two birds with one stone by getting in a good workout session as you scope out the hot guys who've come to play...the only things you'll be needing: a cute outfit and a good attitude!

2) Expand your circle.  So you've met all of your girlfriends' single guy friends, and their cousins, and any decent male who they think might be remotely dateable, and it seems like the well is running dry...what's a girl to do?  If you've exhausted the friend front when it comes to your search for potential new hotties, don't be afraid to expand your circle.  Sometimes, when meeting new guys through friends, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut and forget that the best way to expand your "network" is by simply making some new contacts.  So get out there and meet some new faces, and don't be afraid to expand your horizons...that slightly eccentric guitarist at the coffee shop just might have a hot friend or two who you might hit it off with!

3) Show some skin.  Ask any guy what he loves about summer and one of the top things will most likely be the amount of skin that's showing during this season.  I'm not saying go all-out skanky or forego clothing altogether, but showing some extra skin (in moderation) will have his temperature rising and attract extra attention with little effort on your part.  Go for shorter hemlines; sleeveless, tube, and racerback style tops; or lower necklines.  Balance the skin-baring by forgoing cleavage-y tops if you're wearing a shorter hemline, and vice-versa.


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