Apr 20, 2011

Signs She's Into You

Guys are always wondering what signs can be used to figure out if a woman's interested...while each woman is different, there are some universal indicators that can usually be used to find out if a woman's interested or not.  Below, some tell-tale signs a woman is into you!

1) She cancels plans with others to hang out with you. This is one of the biggest indicators that a girl is into you, and that's when she starts being flakey on plans with others just to hang out with you...a girl who's really smitten will flake out on plans with others just to spend more time with you.  If a female friend skips out on cocktails with her girls or Sunday afternoon shopping with her BFF just to help you reorganize your DVD collection, for instance, it ain't because she's thoroughly impressed with your Adam Sandler collection!  If you're interested, now's the time to make your move.

2) She'll often ask for help on problems/tasks, even seemingly simple ones.  This is the modern-day version of the "damsel in distress," and is a girl's way of trying to talk to or spend more time with you.  Mind you, sometimes, a girl is just needing help, and you may just seem like someone who's helpful and/or who she's not afraid of approaching.  However, if she very frequently asks for your opinion or help on things that seem ridiculously easy to figure out or is pretty mundane ("I can't figure out how to use my new remote - could you help me figure it out?"  "I think my toaster's broken - could you help me fix it?"), she may just be looking for reasons to spend more time with you. 

3) She gets jealous when you mention other girls.  This one's a no-brainer and even the most seemingly clueless guys will usually catch on to this, and that's when a girl gets jealous when you mention other girls.  Whether it's your hot neighbor or your flirty coworker, whenever you mention other girls who catch your eye, she'll get irritated or change the subject; if this happens, the girl in question either loves attention and wants it all herself, or, she just wants your attention.  Don't be afraid to use this as a chance to work your charm, lest you let your chance slip by and fall into the dreaded Friend Zone!

4) She laughs at your jokes, even the lame ones. Ever notice how a certain girl seems to laugh at all of your jokes, even the ones you know are lame?  Either she's being very nice, or she's interested and is trying to drop a hint; step up your game and toss out a few teasing comments, then ask her out for coffee or drinks.

5) She does lots of fidgeting/primping when she's near you. If a girl is interested, she'll often be nervous when talking to you and it can show in her demeanor.  Hair twirling, fidgeting with objects, and other nervous gestures may be a sign of interest.  Another indicator is if she primps or adjusts her clothing and/or hair often when you're around her - this shows concern with her appearance and an effort to look her best around you.  Show her you've noticed by giving her a teasing compliment ("You look pretty cute today - getting dolled up for me are you?") and asking her out on a date.


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