Jan 31, 2011

Top Dating Myths

Some of the oldest dating myths have been around almost as long as dating itself.  These are the beliefs that many people often take as undeniable truths, but often are just merely assumptions; they may be rooted in some truth, but are often misconstrued. 

Below, the top dating myths and why you should toss them!

1) You have to be an asshole to get the girl.  So wrong!  You have to be fearless to get the girl, and this is where the asshole wins, because assholes usually are fearless!  Another thing that assholes usually have over the "nice" guys is that they won't let anyone walk all over them, which is the one thing about assholes that nice guys would benefit from adapting; when you refuse to be treated in a way that is less than you deserve, a woman will naturally respect you more, and will find you more attractive because of it. 

2) The hot girl always gets the guy.  Wrong again - the hot girl usually gets the guy's attention fastest, but the quality guys only stick around if she has more to offer than just her looks.  Don't get me wrong; looking good definitely does get a guy's attention, but working on improving the overall package - especially by developing an awesome personality - is what will get a guy hooked in the end.  Looks will fade with time, but a great sense of humor, great wit, and interesting personality won't.


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Jan 22, 2011

Men Say Kissing Another Girl Counts as Cheating

Contrary to what most females believe, not all men are as into girl-on-girl kissing as the media and Hollywood would have us believe; in fact, a recent study of over 1,500 British men showed that a third of them would dump a partner if she were to kiss a girl, while 40% said they would be angry if their partner did that.


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Jan 17, 2011

What to Do When Your Friend's the Cockblocker

Today I'll be discussing what to do if you're in a love triangle and your friend's the cockblocker!


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Jan 15, 2011

Are You Marriage Material?

By Farah Averill

If you’ve ever mulled over the idea of popping the question or have had a girlfriend put pressure on you to do so, you know how life-altering making this decision feels. To help you avoid making any choices you may regret, we’ve compiled a list you can use to evaluate your readiness for marriage. From your demographics to your childhood experiences to your personal values, personality and attitudes toward relationships, we’ve rounded up the five important factors you should assess to determine if you're marriage material.


Simple demographics, such as your age when you get married, your level of education and your income can have a surprising impact on the success of your marriage. For example, studies suggest you should be at least 26 years old when you get married (Source: National Survey of Family Growth, 2002, conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics). As well, staying in school seems to have an effect on whether or not you get married at all -- 64% of college graduates are married compared to 48% of those with high school diplomas (Source: Pew Research Center). Finally, if your and your prospective mate's combined income is at least $50,000, you have a 68% chance of reaching your 15th wedding anniversary, whereas if your salary falls into a lower income bracket, the likelihood that you’ll ever marry is lower (Source: Pew Research Center).

Made for marriage: You’re headed toward your 30s (or you’re already into them), you have at least one degree under your belt and you and your girlfriend earn a combined minimum of $50,000 per year.


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Jan 13, 2011

A First Kiss is More Memorable Than Losing Your Virginity

Who would have thought?  According to a recent study, most people can recall 90 percent of the details of their first kiss, more vivid than the memory of losing their virginity.  The kiss is more appreciated by women, although they usually got less satisfaction than they'd hoped from it.  Men, on the other hand, saw the kiss as a "means to an end" and possibly with a "view to swap other bodily fluids later" (suprise surprise!!).


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Jan 8, 2011

Q & A - My Boyfriend Is Too Immature

Q. Dear Alannah,

I need some advice about my boyfriend; this is the second time I am writing in to you.  The first time was around April, and I had written to you about a guy I liked and how to get his attention. Well, it's been 8 months that we've been together.  To tell you the truth, I had high expectations for this relationship, but now I feel so depressed and disappointed with this guy who I've fallen in love with.

We have been fighting more lately. The reason is because of his immaturity and lack of responsibility; he is 21, and all he does is play games. Nothing is wrong with playing games, I also play games, but not on a 24/7 basis.  He plays games with his friends all day.  For a guy his age, I think he should be a bit more serious about his life.  I've been pleading with him over and over to focus on school, and it's only because I care and want to see him finish his degree, and not to have to repeat courses all the time.  For instance, today, I had to wake up early to remind him to do a task for me; I reminded him twice during the course of the day, because he always forgets, but the funny thing is, he can easily remember which of his classmates has a PS3?  Why is it so hard to get him to listen??

To top it off, I told him that I can only put up with this shit for so long, and that I would leave him if this continues.  He said I could never leave him.  His demeanor lately kind of annoys and creeps me out, as well.  Basically, I am trying to help him improve his future, to look at his life and realize there is a time for play, and a time to be serious.  I am not asking him to change his personality, just to be more responsible.  What should I do??  Please help!


Fed-Up Girlfriend


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Jan 4, 2011

Style Files: January '11 Women

Winter is officially in full swing, with fashionistas far and wide bundled up and zipped up to brave the harsh elements.  Just because temperatures have dropped doesn't mean that great style needs to go into hibernation, however.  Below, some of the hottest trends of the season to help you ring in the New Year in style!

1) 60s Lady-like.  This season sees a revival of not just the sophisticated side of the 70's but also the sexy and curvacious (yet lady-like!) looks of the 60's.  To rock this look, think early 60's housewife, or the fuller skirts that dominated the late 1950's.  This look is more Lucille Ball than Twiggy, but definitely ramped up on sex appeal!  The two dominant looks defining this trend are:

- full skirts
- sheath skirts and dresses

Pair a full skirt with a fitted top, or go with a sheer top for a more sexed up look.  Round out the look with ballet flats or kitten heels for an authentic look; for a more modern feel, go with high heels.

Full skirt at Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2010


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