Aug 3, 2009

Things You Didn't Know That Women Love (in Men)

Most of you guys out there reading this probably already know the "typical" qualities that women love in a man...someone who is charming, funny, attractive, chivalrous, etc., etc. But, did you know that there are also other qualities in a guy that women pick up on (or learn about) when getting to know him that can help increase his level of attractiveness in her eyes? Below are a list of a few qualities you may not have known that women love in a guy!

1) A man who knows how to cook. I'll be the first to admit - females these days love being spoiled. But, I'm not talking about the kind of spoiling you're probably thinking of, with material possessions (although, that never hurts!). I'm talking about being pampered and taken care of. And you don't need to take to her to some far away spa to achieve this, either. Cooking - traditionally thought of as a "feminine" activity - is increasingly becoming something that many men are becoming skillfully adept at. Knowing how to whip up a deliciously prepared meal for two and impressing her with it on a night in is a great way to make her feel pampered and taken care of, something every woman finds sexy and appealing in a guy!

2) A guy who has a "little boy" side. Now before you start thinking anything dirty, what I'm referring to here is a "young at heart" or "playful" side to a guy, not anything perverse or "strange." An example of this would be a guy who enjoys playing video games, or watching Saturday morning cartoons (from time to time). If a guy is a responsible, mature member of society and yet has a "young at heart" side, many females tend to find this endearing (in reasonable amounts!).

I can't explain it in exact terms, but to me, I feel it appeals to the "nurturing" side of women, and, it also shows that the guy is real and isn't too polished or "smooth" (aka fake). It shows he isn't afraid to let his guard down around her, which will make her more comfortable doing the same with him.

3) Someone who's a loyal friend. Granted that you don't spend every Saturday night clubhopping with your boys leaving your girl at home by herself, most girls would find it nice to know that her guy understands loyalty and treats his friends well. Why? Well, if he were the type to stab his friends in the back or sell them out at the drop of a hat, how great of a boyfriend could he be to her?

Showing that you know how to be there for your friends in times of need or hardship usually will show a woman that you understand loyalty and commitment, two obviously desirable traits in a potential boyfriend!

4) Someone who's great with kids. This one should be no surprise! The majority of females love seeing a guy who is good with kids, is comfortable playing with them, and who basically doesn't freak out when around anyone under the age of 12. You won't need to do like Angelina Jolie or Madonna and "get" your own, either, in order to impress her...if the girl you're dating has younger brothers and sisters (or nieces and nephews) whom she introduces you to, make an effort to get to know them. Play games, joke around, maybe even horseplay with them; showing that you're comfortable with and love (or at least like or tolerate!) being around kids appeals to the maternal instinct in a woman, and she'll instantly see you in a more favorable (long-term potential) light.

5) A guy who has a great relationship with his mother. I'm not saying a guy should be tied at the apron strings, but someone who treats his mother well, stays in touch with and visits his parents, and overall has a loving relationship with them (especially his mom) shows signs of promise of being a good potential boyfriend.

Why is this? Because, a guy who has a healthy relationship with his mother - the first woman in his life - usually won't have many issues or hang-ups with women that you'd have to work through with him. He'll also most likely respect women and know how to treat them better, as opposed to someone who's estranged from or otherwise hates his mother. (Of course, if he's still being tucked in at night by mom before bed, we'll definitely have a problem!)


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