Jun 3, 2009

How to Instantly Improve Your Image & Attraction Level With Women Part III

In my previous two posts, I discussed, for the guys, some external changes you can make to improve your attraction level with women, and then some internal ones. Today, I'll continue my discussion of more internal changes to your behavior and thought processes that will instantly improve your chances with women.

4) Draw her in. When you first meet a woman you're attracted to, don't tell her your whole life story. Yea, you've heard it before, but it is true -- women love mysterious men. Now, I'm not saying you need to put on a cheesy act or "front" to win her over; just reveal things about yourself slowly in the beginning. As mentioned in my previous post, get her to talk more about herself in your first few interactions. Tell her about yourself, but during your first few encounters, let the focus be more on her. After awhile, she will be most likely itching to know more about you, and that's when you can slowly start to reel her in.

5) Don't act impressed by her attractiveness. Attractive women have men drooling over them all the time; the ones who stand out to them are the ones who don't act bowled over by their beauty. I'm not saying you should act as if you think she's unattractive, or to outright insult her in some way; what I'm saying is to learn how to keep your cool when you're around her.

Flirt with her and show that you're attracted to her, but learn how to balance it. Don't put her on a pedestal above you as someone who is unattainable. By doing so, you help to level the playing field. This can also subconciously give her the impression that you're comfortable being around attractive women all the time, and will help to increase your "status" in her mind.

6) Show confidence. Swagger. Show her that you know you're the sh-t, that you believe in yourself. Act as if you have something to offer her, and she will believe it. There are few women out there who aren't attracted to confident men. There's no way to truly become more confident instantly, but acting as if you were - whether or not you feel it - is a great start. As the saying goes, fake it 'til you make it!

As you start interacting with more and more women and slowly start becoming more comfortable around them, it'll start to show in your interactions, and your confidence level will rise. Knowing not to take rejection personally is important; with the good comes the bad, and understanding that rejection is all a part of the dating game is key.

Have fun, and good luck! ;)

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