Jun 16, 2009

How to Be Irresistible to Men Part II

Today, I'll be continuing my discussion (for the ladies) on changes that can be made that will help instantly increase your attraction level with men. In my previous post, I discussed some external changes you can make; today, my focus will be on internal changes you can make to your behavior and thinking that'll help instantly increase your overall attraction level.

1) Don't be afraid to show your "tomboy" side. Men love women who they find attractive, and can chill with the boys. In other words, the majority of guys want someone who can be both a lover and a friend (don't we all?). Just like how women love "manly" men who also have a sensitive side, most men love when a woman can be sexy and feminine when she wants to, and yet can also enjoy hobbies with him that would normally be considered "guy" hobbies. (Why wouldn't he love being able to watch his favorite team play in the company of a sexy female?)

I'm not saying you need to become a sports fanatic or participate in burping contests in order to impress him, either; just sharing a few interests with him that are normally "male-dominant" hobbies will more than likely impress him, and lets him see your down-to-earth side, making him realize what a great catch you are.

Disclaimer: There are limits to this, of course. Sharing a few hobbies with a guy is good, but becoming interested in every hobby he has would seem both clingy and suspicious. Make sure you sincerely enjoy the activities listed below, because guys have a pretty good BS-meter when it comes to these things.

Typical "guy" hobbies that many women also love include:

a) Poker. If you're secretly a poker hustler and know the guy you like enjoys playing, don't be afraid to challenge him to a game...chances are, he'll be thoroughly impressed when you whoop him and clean house (if he doesn't have an easily wounded ego, that is!).

b) Video games. Most guys love playing video games, something that's normally thought of as a male pastime. Showing him you can kick a-- like the rest of them in Mortal Kombat, or enjoy a good racing game every now and again (or even a good puzzle game), will very likely impress him, and also lets him see your carefree, fun-loving side.

c) Sports. This is an obvious one here; most men love sports. Many females also sincerely enjoy watching them, whether it's basketball, football, soccer, or baseball. If you do, use this to your advantage as a chance to bond with your guy (or the one you're interested in). Let him in on your knowledge of the players' stats, moves they're famous for, weaknesses, strengths, etc. Or, if you don't keep up with those things, but just purely enjoy watching the games, watch them with him. He'll still be thrilled that you enjoy and share in one of his favorite pastimes.

d) Locker room talk. This isn't an activity, but rather, a male pastime that happens when men are amongst each other and no women are around. Most women are repulsed when they hear men dishing locker room talk amongst their friends, whether it's dirty jokes, saying "objective" things about certain females (whether celebrities or "real life" women), or just plain immature "bathroom" humor.

Men usually engage in locker room talk to bond (telling dirty jokes or bathroom humor) or as a show of masculinity (the objectifying of certain females). Since most usually don't sit around and discuss the things that women bond over (dating and relationship issues, gossip, personal issues, fashion, etc.) they bond either through activities, or through humor or "bravado" talk.

Most men reserve it for just when in the company of men, but some will engage in locker room talk around females, too, whether to look "cool," or just to seem "macho". If you're chilling with your guy and one of his friends starts dishing locker room talk that's either offensive, or bordering on it, cleverly cracking a joke back - at the friend's expense - instead of calling him a pig and storming off will most likely get you a round of laughs, and impress your guy; it shows him you aren't fazed easily, and have a sense of humor. It also shows him you're comfortable hanging around his friends, which is always a plus.

2) Speak your mind. The majority of men appreciate a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Don't be afraid to express your own opinion, even if it goes against the grain. People who follow the crowd are boring...people who have their own opinion are not. You don't need to be obnoxious or say outrageous things either to get his attention; just not being afraid to speak your mind shows him you're an interesting individual who can think for herself.

3) Imagine you didn't like him. As you already know, it's hardest to keep your cool around someone you're attracted to, as opposed to someone whom you have no interest in. The irony is that people are usually at their most charming, relaxed, and funniest when they aren't in the presence of someone they like, making them the most "likeable" in those moments.

For instance, if you're talking to a guy you like, and you're standing there analyzing everything he says, everything you say and how he might perceive it, chances are, you're not going to be as relaxed and fun as if you were talking to your best guy friend, or even your best girl friend.

Imagining a guy is just any other person you know - not someone you're crushing on - helps you relax when conversing with him, and lets you be your usual fun, amazing self. It may be difficult, but it will get easier over time as you learn to keep a relaxed front when speaking with someone you have the hots for.

In my next post, I'll be discussing more changes to your behavior and thinking that'll help increase your attraction level with men!

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