Apr 8, 2009

Small Dick Syndrome

As a young, single Asian female growing up in America - until my first real relationship at the age of 24 - I had come to observe a type of neurotic personality disorder among many of the Asian males that I or many of my friends had dated. This didn't apply to all of them, but enough to definitely classify these guys in a specific category. Now, I'll probably receive a lot of flack for saying this, but I felt it needed to be addressed. This "personality disorder" I'm referring to is what I have come to refer to as "Small Dick Syndrome." Now, before you start getting angry or sending hate mail, please read first the explanation, or "definition", of Small Dick Syndrome (SDS). SDS does not really refer to the length or size of a guy's package, but rather, his attitude. A guy who is afflicted with this syndrome is more aptly called so because of his behavior or treatment of women, not because of his size. He may be (excuse the crass language) the most well-hung guy around, and still have SDS. The defining characteristics of this syndrome are usually:

1) Plays mind games. This can be said of many a single male, but with guys afflicted with SDS, they are virtually incapable of being straightforward with their feelings, especially towards a female they have a romantic interest in.

2) Waits for the girl to make the first move or pursue him; would rather die than risk rejection by the object of his desire. (This could also be called No-Balls Syndrome.)

3) May have good intentions, but due to major insecurity issues, can often self-sabotage relationships or courtships in order to protect their fragile egos.

4) Many who do manage to find themselves in relationships tend to gravitate towards super-clingy partners, or ones who are sweet-tongued and can bolster their egos with constant compliments and/or ego-stroking. (Relationships of such nature usually either do not last for long, or have an unhealthy nature due to obvious dependency issues.)

As you can see, Small Dick Syndrome is a mindset, not physical affliction...and sadly enough, many (otherwise) very dateworthy young Asian males seem to be suffering from this affliction. They are incapable of putting in 100% into relationships, always afraid of getting hurt. Is it fixable? Of course, but I will get into that later. There is much more to elaborate on about SDS, but I will save it for future entries...just wanted to get the word out there on this very common problem. Until then, ciao! ;)

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